In celebration of our FAVORITE day, we’ve compiled a list of

some of our favorite ethical fashion lines just for you.


1. Stella McCartney

Stella McCartney’s commitment to sustainability is evident through-out all her collections and is part of the brand’s ethos to being a responsible, honest, and modern company.

 2. Beautiful Soul

The label's signature is a blend of timeless evolving style with true global consideration. Beautiful Soul understands the balance and reconciliation between fashion, style and sustainability.  Beautiful Soul employs the most exquisite fabrics, including British wool, British lace, sustainable, organic and Fairtrade fabrics and unique signature prints, giving customers an alternative, more ethical choice that does not compromise luxury. 

3. Loud Love Jewelry

Los Angeles Jewelry Designer Sarah Jackson, founder of Loud Love Jewelry has created an exclusive line to benefit Global Green USA. Sarah has designed one-of-a-kind pieces for Global Green USA and will donate 30% of all of sales to the organization. Her castings are all made with 90% recycled precious metals. All of Sarah’s jewelry is handcrafted locally and she sources reputable vendors who all pay fair wages. 

 4. Vivienne Westwood 

An artist always ahead of her time and an endless source of inspiration. She is increasingly becoming a great strength to the promotion and development of sustainable fashion.



Our new nail polish obsession! A "5 Free" luxury nail lacquer, meaning they are not only 100% free of DBP, toulene, and formaldehyde, but also of camphor.


6. Terra New York

Loving these chic rainwear, water resistant raincoats, fashionable rain gear, waterproof trench coats!

7. Odacite

For Odacite Natural and Organic Skin Care, their special attribute is an unceasing commitment to the best and freshest raw organic ingredients in their skincare. This one-of-a-kind preparation & delivery method guarantees that every product fully maintains 100% of its beneficial activity from its antioxidants and vitamins. 

 8. Goodebox

Goodebox is a members only service providing expertly curated, trial sized healthy, eco-sensitive & effective beauty and personal care products, along with occasional samples of natural & organic health and wellness products.  Each Goodebox includes a pre-screened selection of the best healthy beauty products out there. It’s a gift to yourself, (or someone else), that arrives on the doorstep every month…a little surprise to look forward to and a way to take better care of yourself, one small step at a time.


9. MCMC Fragrances

Their fragrances include beautiful, rare natural ingredients and unusual compositions for a style that feels both modern and ethereal. Specializing in perfumes, oil roll-ons, and candles. Their goods are composed of the highest quality natural and synthetic ingredients in bases of organic carrier oils, pure alcohol, and distilled water. 


10. Noble Denim

This American Made denim line created a ‘trade movement’, because they wanted an alternative to mass produced goods. This approach not only stimulates creative discussion between companies, it ties commerce to actual communities and lessens the environmental impact. They source and manufacture within their region, reducing their footprint and advocating a different consumer culture. 


Enjoy green shopping day!


P.S. We are offering 15% off of ALL MERCHANDISE. In addition we will donate 10% of adjusted price to Global Green USA so you can go to bed tonight having done your good deed for our awesome planet.